Photo Update

We're having a great time with the two schools that are currently here: Mount Madonna School from Watsonville, CA and Verdi Elementary School from Verdi, NV. Here's a couple pictures from each school's day. Enjoy!

Verdi had a great time during Earth & Beyond this afternoon. Check them out in their matching shirts... looking good Verdi!

Right behind them, you can see the "Walk of the Planets" they did. The girl right in front is holding Pluto. How many planets can you see behind them?

Here's a couple shots of Mount Madonna during Mountain Madness. It truly was a madhouse in there! They had an amazing time, full of hilarious relay races, including the Firefighter Relay! The students really went all out with the fire jacket, fire pants, and fire helmet. The kids in line are earning some serious respect points with their cheering and dance points with their sweet moves. Make sure to ask your student about the Shoe Relay when they get home... I'm sure they'll have tons of stories to tell!

Tomorrow's another exciting day here at Sierra Outdoor School. Verdi and Mount Madonna have exciting classes on their schedules, and we'll be welcoming one more school - Foster City from San Mateo. Drive safely, and we'll meet you at Columbia State Park in the morning. 


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