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Mammals of the Mountain!

Mammals of the Mountain!
Sierra Outdoor School (S.O.S.) is not just a place for a few days visit, but it is also called ‘Home’ to a wide variety of wildlife. Located in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada Mountain range, and surrounded by the Stanislas National Forest, many animals, plants… Ecosystems thrive in this area at 4100’ feet. Today we are going to be taking a closer look at the mammals of this mountain community.
Now, some of you might be wondering “What makes a Mammal a Mammal?” Mammals have five main characteristics that classify them differently from other groups of animals such as birds, amphibians and reptiles. All mammals share these features, of all shapes, sizes and species! Including people, we are mammals too.
1) Vertebrates! We all have a backbone called a spinal cord that is made of different vertebrae bones. 2) We are warm blooded. Using our metabolism and energy from the food we eat, we regulate our body to keep a warm body temperature. 3) We all breath air through …

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