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What's in a Nature Name?

We are so excited to announce the launch of our new website! We would love it if you took a minute to check it out!

In navigating our wonderful new website, some of you may have noticed we have two names in our staff bibliographies. And we are not just talking about first and last names! Here at Sierra Outdoor School, some school groups choose to attend a class called Talk About Trees, where students learn the important uses of trees and their physiology. Then students receive a tree cookie necklace where they write their given name on one side, and a nature name on the other!

Let's take a look at how our staff got their nature names!


Maggie (Monarch): My "Nature Name" was given to me by another Naturalist "Half-dome" years ago when we first began using them. Half-dome was referring to the Monarch Butterfly when adorning me with this special name.

Ed (Squirrel): I was given my nature name when I was in college because I wasn'…

We are now hiring Naturalist Interns for our 2015-2016 school year!

Experiential education is not only for students that visit the Sierra Outdoor School; it is also for the Naturalist Interns that spend time here. This program acts as a training ground for those interested in the field of Outdoor Education or Interpretation. Through a combination of hands-on and guided learning experiences, interns will become better educators and naturalists. Under the guidance and supervision of our experienced permanent Naturalists and Program Coordinators, Naturalist Interns will learn a variety of classes, activities, and skills. Over the ten month internship, interns will teach science and cultural history based classes, facilitate low ropes and team building activities, as well as learn how to belay and facilitate high rope elements and a zip line. Interns receive training in all classes before they teach on their own.
Additionally, paid trainings are provided throughout the year in areas including: pedagogy and educational theory, classroom and group manag…