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First Week with Kids!

We welcomed Sherman Thomas, California Montessori Project (CMP), and Harold Woods Elementary School this week.  After almost a month with out kids (due to the Rim Fire and the residual smoke) our staff was excited to get out on the trails and do some teaching.
Sherman Thomas did a full range of classes with us over their four day stay including High Ropes, Team Challenge, the Silent Mile, and People of the Sierra.  It was CMP's first visit with us and we hope to see them again soon.  They also had a great visit that included some Mountain Biking.  Woods is rounding out our week.  Here are a few pictures from today's classes of a group working through a challenge in the Team class, and of a group learning about Raptors and Conservation.

Fire Update and Staff Training

The good news is that the Rim Fire is now 80% contained, the bad news is that the back fires that they have been lighting to fight the fire have been causing lots of smoke at SOS.  Because smoke levels can cause the air quality to sometime reach unhealthy levels we have had to postpone some of our visiting schools; we look forward to seeing Knightsen, Pinewood, and Napa Valley Learning Academy later this fall.  We are still planning on having Garfield Elementary coming on September 18, but we will be monitoring the air quality and the fire to make sure it is safe for everyone.

Here is a picture of a Sikorsky S-64 Skycrane helicopter flying over campus yesterday on the way to drop water or foam on the fire.  Did you know that the Skycrane can carry more than 2,650 gallons of water of foam?  It can fill its tanks while hovering (by using the hose you can see hanging) in less than one minute!

With no students on site yet we have been busy getting our new staff ready for the year with lot…