Mother Earth is Rocking

During Yountville's Earth & Beyond class today, they had fun singing a spin off of Queen's "We Will Rock You," entitled "Mother Earth is Rocking."

Take a look at Yountville's fifth graders singing! If you're following along with the lyrics (posted below), they're on the third verse.

Here are the lyrics:

Chorus: Mother Earth is Rocking
              Mother Earth is Rocking

Magma rises in the crust,
Turns to a rock called igneous.
Cools down slow, cools down fast.
To crystallize or look like glass.
Sedimentary rock, the layered look.
Time and force is what it took.
To make a rock from sediment.
Water squeezed out to make mineral cement.
Even rocks may feel pain,
When heat and pressure make ‘em change their name.
Limestone to marble, shale to slate.
Metamorphic rocks have come a long way.
Water, soil, air and rock.
Gotta keep recycling what we’ve got.
Sun’s gonna be ‘round long enough.
Let’s work with Mother Nature, she knows her stuff.

This song was written by one of our wonderful Naturalists, Shelley Oeverndiek.


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