Evening Programs

Last night, the schools had some very fun, entertaining, and educational evening programs. Mount Madonna enjoyed a Hillbilly Hop and Night Hike. Foster City had a great night with Owl Pellets and Campfire. Here's a picture of the kids dissecting an owl pellet. They were really getting into it! 

And finally, Verdi Elementary enjoyed a hilarious Campfire and then headed out onto their Night Hikes! In this picture, you can see the students really getting into the Furniture Store skit. Be sure to ask them about that! 

We've had such a fun week with all of our schools this week, and it's not over yet. We've got Wilderness Skills with Foster City this morning, and a few Team Initiatives with Verdi as well. After that, we are saying adieu to all of our new friends. Have a great weekend everyone!


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