Team Challenge

Here's a couple pictures of Dry Creek's Group B during their Team Challenge class. In this first one, the students are fording a "chocolate river." The only objects they have to help them cross the river are 5 "marshmallows," but they have to be very careful...if they lay down a marshmallow without anyone standing on it, it'll float away! The group will tell you that this team challenge activity required a lot of focus, patience, and communication. Those were just three of the many tools that we put in our Team Challenge Toolbox for the day.

At the end of class, Group B took a team picture! Check out those snazzy blue Sierra Outdoor School sunglasses that several of the students are sporting.


  1. I'm really late on this comment train, but yes! Thumbs up!!! Instantly saw it! ;) And I LOVE the sunglasses!!!!!


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