Mid-Week Updates

We've been having quite the week up here at Sierra Outdoor School! The weather has been sunny, cloudy, snowy, slushy, and the adventure continues. Regardless, the students have been having an incredible time learning and playing. Here are some pictures of what they've been up to:

Parkside 4th graders doing a little tree identification. Can any of our readers tell us what type of tree this is? Post your guess in the comments! 
The students are obviously having a great time while sampling a plot in Forest Life. This activity includes measuring trees and making management assessments. 
Kit Carson students are taking a Raptors & Conservation pre-test to help assess what they learn this week! The post-test will take place this Friday. 
Kit Carson Group A working hard and playing hard in their Team Challenge class. The jump rope challenge tested their ability to observe and follow non-verbal communication cues as well as strategize as a team to complete various tasks. 


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