Welcome Back, Serendipity

We're excited to welcome back Serendipity Elementary to Sierra Outdoor School for our Gold Rush program. Through the California Gold Rush Experience, we offer an opportunity for students to take a closer look at the cultural history of the area. Beginning with a visit to Columbia State Park, students immerse themselves into the life of a miner, using our gold pit to practice various mining techniques and getting to pan for gold in our gold troughs. Traveling further back, students will learn about the life of the MiWok Indians, the indigenous people of the region, through cultural artifacts and our replicated MiWok Village. Here is a picture of the village, in which you can see the umacha, the MiWok living space, and the chukka, used for acorn storage. Serendipity, we're looking forward to having you back! Safe travels up the hill.


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