Copper Hills at SOS

Copper Hills had a rainy start to their time here, but enjoyed a beautiful, sunny Fall day yesterday! Their three day classes were: Silent Mile, High Ropes, and Raptors & Conservation. They had a great time on Silent Mile, learning about the ecology cycle, silently walking alongside the Ditch, and, of course, surviving Heart Attack Hill! Here's a picture of Group B after they made it up the hill:

"We survived Heart Attack Hill!"
Copper Hills also did an incredible job on our High Ropes course. They set each set a personal goal and gave 110% in trying to achieve it. Each group worked hard to cheer on their classmates as they climbed! Here's a couple pictures of Group A during their class:

Zip on! 
Four boys showing off their knot tying skills! They've tied figure-eight knots and double figure-eight knots on a bight. 
Copper Hills, we had a great time with you here at Sierra Outdoor School! Have a safe drive down the hill and a great time at Columbia State Park.


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