New Winged Ambassador for SOS Raptor Center!

Great News! SOS has an addition to its Raptor Center. Our newest bird is a female Western Screech Owl (WSO).

She has been at SOS for over 200 days now, and a lot of training has been done to get her ready to be seen by kids. She has gotten used to her new home (mew), learned to tolerate her handler, learned to step up on the glove and back to the perch, and learned to be outside on the glove. The next step is for her to be seen by her first class. If all goes well, we are hoping that she will be viewed outside by schools in January. Below are a few pictures of her in her mew and outside with the different perches.

The WSO tethered in her mew. Tethering provides a safe environment for her and trainer while she learns to be in a new home. 

Two of the perches built specifically for a raptor her size. 

Another perch. 

Learning how to be perched outside. 

Maybe the WSO's first time seeing snow. 

WSO with a piece of food to reinforce good behaviors. 

Check out the Sierra Outdoor School Facebook page later for updates on the WSO's progress. 


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