Reagan Elementary and Fall Weather

We have some Sierra Nevada fall weather moving through SOS this week.  The cold and wet temperatures might not be for everyone, but Reagan Elementary was out in it having a good time.

High Ropes - Students from Reagan Elementary Group C don't mind the light rain.  From left Joshua, Vince, Jada, Drake, and Ashley are ready to climb the High Ropes course and go down the zipline.  In the back ground are staff members Rachael Mallon (back to camera, on the ground) and Maggie Berisha (in the 'crow's nest' getting ready to check the zipline.)

Wilderness Skills - Before trying out their skills on the orienteering course,Group B learns about the parts of a compass and how to use one to take a bearing.

Raptors and Conservation - The weather did drive Group A in for a little while to learn about our birds of prey.  Here staff members Ed Wynimko (with male great horned owl) and Justin Covino teach about the adaptations that are characteristic to raptors. Don't worry the birds up above Justin are stuffed.


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