Sept. 30-Oct. 4,

Liddell Elementary school

Trail Group B experiencing the High Ropes course and Zip Line

Ed Wynimko sends off one student from the crows nest and gets ready for the next climber coming across the Catwalk

St. Helen's School also joined us this week and took our newest class called 
C.S.I. - Critter Skull Investigation
Rachael Mallon helps a group determine the ratio of the size of the eye to the distance between them to see if the critter is a carnivore, herbivore, or omnivore

 Justin Covino teaches his group about different types of teeth
 Devin Peyton and Kim Pedersen encourage a group as the figure out the eye ratio and do some quick math
Molly Schreiner helps a group talk through characteristics of a skull as the students puzzle out if it is a predator or a prey animal

Alta Height's Magnet School was here and took or Pond Life class.  At one of the stations the students write Haiku Poems.  Here are a few samples:

"A tiny seed sprouts
It makes lovely flowers
Bees take its necture"
By Emily Travis

"The sound of water
Is very peaceful
as it floats away"
By Brent D.


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