Indian Valley's Gold Rush Experience

Indian Valley had a great time at Sierra Outdoor School! They took four of our Gold Rush classes: Life of a Miner, Mining Tools, Miwok Life, and Gold Panning. Here are a couple pictures from their program:

Here, the students are learning how to use a Long Tom (on the left) and a cradle (on the right). These mining tools introduced a much more efficient way to mine gold!

This group is talking about the three different routes that people would take to get to California for the Gold Rush. These were: around Cape Horn, the Isthmus of Panama, or the Overland Route. All three had their advantages and disadvantages. Which one would you have chosen? Our student, acting as Forty-niner William Swain, chose the Overland Route!

We said goodbye to Indian Valley Tuesday morning and are looking forward to the three schools arriving today: Miramonte, Jackson, and Figarden. More updates to come!


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