New Republic at Columbia

New Republic arrived this afternoon to a beautiful sunny day in Columbia State Park. They started their day off with a tour of the town, learning about Columbia's rich history and exploring both the Dry Diggins and Main Street. Afterwards, when they heard that their beloved Candy Kitchen was "on fire," they sprang into action to put that fire out! The students formed a Bucket Brigade, an exercise in historic fire suppression, in a head-to-head competition between Team 1 and Team 2. In the first round, Team 2 proved victorious. Luckily, Team 1 had a second chance in round two! They took full advantage of that opportunity, coming out ahead by a nose. Great job, New Republic! The students then had a bit of free time to wander around Columbia and shop. Of course, they flocked to the building that they "saved" from the fire, Nelson's Candy Kitchen, among others. Afterwards, they headed up the hill to Sierra Outdoor School and moved in to their new dorms for the week. More to come!

New Republic brought great enthusiasm to the Bucket Brigade.
Team 2 was victorious in the first round! 


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