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We're Leafin' on a Jet Plane!

We're Leafin' on a Jet Plane!
As we reach the end of our school year here at Sierra Outdoor School, we would like to share some wonderful news! Each year the interns have the opportunity to create and work on a project to improve our campus. Read on to see all the wonderful things the interns have done before hoping on a jet plane!
Internship Recruitment Video
Kelsey "Goose" Roberts has worked alongside naturalist Angel Olavarria to film and interview our naturalist intern team to create a video highlighting the internship. The video is going to be used as a recruitment tool for future prospective interns. Visit our website to see this year's interns in action and to listen to them reflect on their experiences!

Geology of the Sierra Nevada Mountain Range Mural 

Elise "Coyote" Adams added to teaching resources on campus, by designing and painting a mural. The mural depicts the creation of the Coastal and Sierra Nevada mountain ranges. 

Elise's mural will a…