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2014-2015 Intern Projects

The school year has come to a close, and that means the interns are moving on. However, they have been working hard all year to leave behind a project that will benefit the school for years to come.

Let’s take a look at what this year’s interns accomplished…
Sarah channeled her love of laughter, music, and theatre to revamp Sierra Outdoor School’s campfire program. She searched far and wide for the most fun, educational, and interactive songs and skits related to SOS’s classes and organized them in a new staff campfire book. With activities specifically connected to each of SOS’s classes, campfires now provide students with the opportunity to cement and recall knowledge during an exciting evening of music and amusement!  Check out the student version of the campfire book on our website to find your favorite songs from SOS!

Tommy helped to beautify SOS’s campus and educate our visitors by painting a large map mural! The mural depicts the web of trails around main c…