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Showing posts from February, 2013

Snow at SOS

Sierra Outdoor School got close to 12 inches of snow yesterday! Our two schools here this week, St. Joachims and Freedom Elementary, have been enjoying tromping around through the snow. Freedom even tried their hand at building snow forts in Wilderness Skills. Here's a picture of the Tuolumne Ditch after a nice night of snowfall. 

Journaling after Silent Mile

Lincoln had a great time on their Silent Mile today! They learned about how the L.A.W.S. (Light, Air, Water, Soil), producers, consumers, and decomposers make up the Ecology Cycle. Here's a picture of them answering journal questions alongside the Ditch after their Silent Mile.

Orientation with Edison-Bethune

Edison-Bethune arrived on Wednesday afternoon to a beautiful sunny day! Here's a picture of their Orientation when they arrived. They were excited to be here and have been having a great time!

Sierra Vista's Adventures

Sierra Vista has been having a blast at Sierra Outdoor School! They've taken four day classes during their time here: Raptors & Conservation, Silent Mile, Wilderness Skills, and High Ropes. At night, they've enjoyed Owl Pellets, Star Watch, Mountain Madness, and Campfire. It's been a fun-filled week! Here are some pictures of them enjoying their classes.