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SOS’s Top 3 Most Impressive Animal Sightings in 2013

At Sierra Outdoor School, we are always observing the natural world around us.  Unique animal sightings make for exciting moments.  Here are the most remarkable creatures spotted by naturalists and students at Sierra Outdoor School  in the year of 2013.

Sierra Nevada Ensatina

During hunts for decomposers, several groups of students have found the Sierra Nevada Ensatina, a type of salamander. As amphibians, salamanders are cold blooded and their body temperatures depend upon the outdoor air temperature. This explains why they can often be seen basking on rocks in the sun.  When it gets too cold, they take shelter underground where it is warmer and some even hibernate.  Some of these critters are special in that they breathe through their skin and can regenerate their tails.   

Flying Squirrel
The elusive and legendary Northern Flying Squirrel was spotted around the gym at SOS by several n…