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Meet The New Crew!

Our 2015-16 Naturalist Interns arrived about a month and half ago! They have just spent most of the month of August training and getting ready for school groups to arrive. We are super excited to have them join our team. If you are interested in what last year's interns are doing now, check out our previous blog. You are welcome to visit our Facebook page as well, to see updates and photos of how the last month of preparation and this school year has been going!

Andrew is currently a student at Fresno State University studying Recreation Administration.  He has lived in Fresno, CA most of his life and his natural habitat is outside.  He has worked as a white water river guide and a social media consultant at a mountain guiding company in southern Yosemite.  A few of his hobbies include photography, guitar, hiking, long boarding, and hammocking. Andrew came to SOS as a student, and is excited to be returning to SOS as an Intern so he can give kids the same great experience he had!
 Beth was born and raised in Red Bank, New Jersey, and earned her B.A. in Environmental Studies at Ramapo College of New Jersey. She enjoys hiking, snowshoeing, archery, photography, and birding--a hobby she picked up while working in Minnesota for eight months. Since then, she has also sailed aboard a tall ship, taught field trips at a nature center, and worked at a YMCA camp. Beth is eager to learn a new set of animals and plants, and share what she already knows. She is also excited to work with the SOS staff members--both humans and birds!
 Cordele Glass grew up in the San Francisco Bay area, and just graduated from UCLA with a B.A. in Psychology with a minor in Applied Developmental Psychology. Cordele is super excited about being here in the Stanislaus National Forest and teaching kids in a place where there is an endless pool for learning!  Cordele is a talented drummer and music producer, he loves to dance, rock climb, hike, and simply live in the moment!
 Emma graduated last December from the College of Saint Rose in Albany, NY with a B.S. in Geology. She is thrilled to be working at SOS so she can combine her two greatest passions: science and the outdoors! Emma loves backpacking, cliff jumping, xc-skiing, water sports, crafts, playing the fiddle, hammocking, and going on adventures. Studying Geology has given Emma the opportunity to visit many different parts of the country, including researching paleo-landslides in Colorado and New Mexico, and spending a summer traversing, living and conducting research on the Juneau Icefield. This is her first time in the Sierra Nevada and she is taken by its beauty and vastness, especially the big trees. Emma was lucky enough to attend many camps and adventure programs while growing up, so she's very excited to be able to provide similar experiences to the students that attend SOS.

Laurel grew up in a small town in Northern California surrounded by something she believes is vital for every child: nature unspoiled by concrete, traffic, and litter clogged sidewalks… she’s been lucky enough to promote this belief and her deep love for the wilderness from Santa Cruz to San Francisco, to Nepal, to inner-city classrooms to slum neighborhoods in developing countries.  And now, she gets to do it at SOS!  Laurel has a B.A in Literature and Creative Writing and loves writing, poetry, art, and gardening. She also plays the cello and loves to dance!

While in high school, Madeleine Burke volunteered to teach hands-on science activities to 6th graders, and a passion was ignited!  She has since earned a B.A. in Social Science, a Masters degree in Special Education, and a Masters degree in Secondary Math Education.  She has spent the last two years teaching in high poverty, low achieving schools in Baltimore City and her favorite moments have been when she has taught lessons outside… so she is leaving the indoor classroom and taking a step towards her dream job, which is to be outside and inspiring kids to get connected to nature.  She also loves to rock climb, hike, and swim!

Lizzie Hoerauf grew up in Virginia, and just graduated in May from Duke University in NC with a B.S. degree in Environmental Science with a Biology Minor. She is super excited to lead lessons and naturalize with kids! She’s also looking forward to going down our zip line and learning about our raptors! In her spare time, Lizzie loves to to look for “herps”, rock climb, do arts and crafts, hike, teach, and explore new places!


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